how can i make my first bow?

how can i make my first bow?

Mesajgönderen arman.neki » Prş Ağu 22, 2013 7:58 pm

Selamaleykum ve rahmetullahi ve bereketuhu

How are you doing arkadaslar? :)
I am Arman from Bosna i Hercegovina, new at this forum.
Last Bajram i searched to buy a bow for my son but only found some bad quality toys in shops in Sarajevo.
On internet ebay and similar sites, good quality bows is very expensive so i had an idea to make a bow. Further research on internet i found out turkish bows were best traditional bows so i sad mashAllah, thats great, my brothers in faith build best bows. Now i am here to ask you to help me to build my first bow. If you guys have time for me, i have many questions.
What wood will i use?
What bow type is most easy to make? (One brother told me i should start with Kepaze bow)
Can you give me plans, dimensions, details, tips, tutorials, documents that will be of use for me?

I have some tools and skills with furniture making but i am still an amateur with woodworking.
May Allah reward any of you who share the usefull knowledge.
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Re: how can i make my first bow?

Mesajgönderen bekirkurun » Cum Ağu 23, 2013 9:04 am

hi arman Neki
  I hope to welcome friends and the forum will try to help you
  I say good luck and god shame in advance
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Re: how can i make my first bow?

Mesajgönderen ilkaydemirhan » Cum Ağu 23, 2013 2:06 pm

Dear Arman,
Nice to meet you. Welcome to Turkokculugu.

Turkis bow making is very difficult, very expensive and requires patience. Turkish bow making stage need long time (about two years) and there is 50% chance when you finished. However Kepaze is simple training bow. When you start firstly with kepaze, you will earn skill about wood working and making bow.

You can make two type kepaze bow.
First bow is very simple and cheap. You can finish as soon as possible.
You will need small amount hide glue, sinew, 2 pieces wood for sals, 1 piece wood for grip, 2 pieces wood for bash.
Hide Glue: Any type of hide glue is possible. If you dont find hide glue, epoxy resin or any typ of wood glue is ok.
Sinew: Sinew is important material is making bow. You can buy or prepare your own.
Wood of sals (50cmx4cmx0.6cm): You must use maple (acer campestre) if you find. If you dont find you can use any typ of wood.
Wood for grip (18cmx4cmx3cm):You can use any type of wood but it must be hard wood (for example beech wood).
Wood for bash (20cm3cmx3cm):You must use hard wood (for example beech wood).

Wood of grip dimentions:

Grip gluing to sal:

Another bow is a little bit complex but making is not difficult.

You can choose that one.

You can see some pictures about second one kepaze from ensariculum

Esselamu aleykum ve rahmetullah ve berekatuhu.
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Re: how can i make my first bow?

Mesajgönderen arman.neki » Sal Ağu 27, 2013 1:27 pm

thank you very much, this is very good explained, I will try inshAllah
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